About me

For me, the Labour Party is more than a movement it is a way of life. Our principles and values along with those of the trade union movement are the very foundation of who I am.

We cannot ignore that we are in the most politically unsettled time of our era and with the formation of a unitary authority, the road ahead for Kettering and north Northamptonshire is going to be challenging. 

My strong 18-year background in Local Government means I understand the complexity of local government and locally delivered services. as the Parliamentary Candidate for Kettering, I can hit the ground running to work closely with Labour councillors, third sector and cooperative organisations to protect our local services and the most vulnerable in our community.

My passion for education is driven by a deep-set belief that everyone should have the opportunities to grow and thrive – and that starts right from early years and primary.  What our children achieve at this point in their lives sets the foundations of what they believe they are capable of. That’s why, I will work with schools to promote Labour’s new National Education Service and ensure real life issues affecting Kettering are fed back in to Labour Policy.

I know from personal experience the difference a Labour Government makes to real lives, the difference it made to mine and my daughter’s life.  There are millions of people trapped in a cycle of repression and the opportunities to break the cycle are simply no longer there. People deserve better and everyone deserves the opportunities that were available to me under a Labour Government.

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