Revitalising our high streets

Dying high streets are rapidly limiting our choice of shops and services that best meet our own personal taste, style and budgets .

Here in the Kettering constituency there are a number of reasons why our high streets are dying, it’s not purely down to the rise of online shopping. A gap in funding and support for small businesses added to a serious lack of political leadership and vision means we are currently unable to create high streets that meet our changing shopping, leisure and community needs. These factors are within our control and can be fixed.

The retail industry is our second highest source of employment. As more and more small retailers struggle to expand on the high street and big names move out, so do the job and career opportunities they provide.

To revitalise our high streets as your MP I will:
  • Work closely with the Kettering Business network to fully understand the issues facing small businesses and retailers.
  • Work with the council, government agencies and corporate retailers to attract big retailers back to Kettering
  • Build on the good work done by the Town Centre Partnership and ensure it is funded and supported to continue this work.
  • Lead the set up a future high street users forum across the constituency to create a vision and plan for our modern high streets.

Our high streets offer us so much more than shopping, they are a community hub, a place of meeting and catching up and a vital source of jobs and careers. We must do all we can to revitalise them.

It’s time to create positive futures by revitalising our high streets so everyone has access to the shops, services, community and jobs they bring.
Vote for real change

Promoted by John Padwick, on behalf of Clare Pavitt, both at, Kettering Labour Party,  The Yards, 12b Market Street, Kettering, NN16 0AH

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