Eradicate home insecurity

When we talk about home insecurity we are not only looking at the devastating rise in homelessness, we are also talking about the number of families forced into temporary accommodation and the lack of affordable and social housing for people to start their ” home of their own” journey.

We have a housing crisis in our communities, the level of homelessness and number of families living in temporary accommodation is at an all time high. Years of austerity, rising housing prices, no investment into social or affordable housing and weak regulations and accountability on private landlords has created this crisis.

To tackle the housing crisis as your MP I will:
  • Kick start an affordable and social housing programme
  • Ensure there is a proportionate mix of large family homes and 1,2 bed properties
  • Campaign to tighten the law to protect private rent tenants from no fault evictions and excessive increases to rents
  • Fight to secure investment and support in homeless services to ensure they are fit for the future

Our homes are where we keep our most precious things, spend quality time with family and friends, and be ourselves.

It’s time create a positive future where everyone has a a safe, secure home.
Vote for real change

Promoted by John Padwick, on behalf of Clare Pavitt, both at, Kettering Labour Party,  The Yards, 12b Market Street, Kettering, NN16 0AH

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