Carbon Neutral Kettering Constituency by 2030

A climate change emergency is happening, it’s very real and it’s right now. There simply is no time to ponder what the consequences might be if we don’t take immediate action.

I am an avid practitioner and advocate of plastic reduction, but of course the climate emergency is about more than plastic and non recyclable waste reduction.   

There is a great deal of work to do and it must be driven by and have commitment from the political leadership of the constituency. 

To achieve a carbon neutral Kettering constituency by 2030 as your MP I will:
  • Work with Kettering Borough Council to ensure the actions required to address the climate change emergency are delivered.
  • Engage with developers and support Labour Party policies to ensure all new homes built are carbon natural within 3 years 
  • Work with local biodiversity and environmental groups to develop a plan to improve and increase biodiversity within the constituency 
  • Work with local groups, communities and businesses as well as campaign in government to reduce the use and production of non recyclable and single use plastic. 
  • Ensure Kettering constituency gets the funding it needs to improve walking and cycling infrastructure, activities and facilities.  
  • Work with Northants County Council and the new unitary authority to ensure Kettering constituency gets the right public transport that meets the people’s needs and reduces car usage. 
It’s time to start creating positive futures by protecting our planet for generations to come.
Vote for Real Change

Promoted by John Padwick, on behalf of Clare Pavitt, both at The Yards,12b Market Street, Kettering, NN16 0AH

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