Crimes against Women and Girls

For too long crimes against women and girls have been hidden and the precautions we take to keep ourselves safe have become a cultural norm.

No woman should ever feel afraid to walk down the street and no girl should ever be afraid to go to school, college or university. However with these crimes, our justice system is antiquated and this needs to change.

Top actions I will take

  • From day one I will fight for tougher sentences for rape and domestic abuse
  • Establish a violence against women and girls taskforce with partners and the community across Northamptonshire.  
  • Work with the Chief Constable to review the commissioning arrangements to support victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault to ensure they are fit for purpose.
  • Work with the unitary authorities to ensure that street lighting and CCTV are appropriately placed,
  • Engage and support voluntary organisations like Street Pastors
  • Work with schools, colleges and university to enhance education around healthy relationships and respect for women and girls
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