County lines and Cuckooing

The political leadership in both the Police and Council have failed to protect our children and young people.  Northamptonshire has a rising issue with county lines and whilst the officers and staff working on shutting them down are doing outstanding work, gangs continue to target and insidiously recruit our young people and exploit the vulnerable.

Top actions I will take

  • Carry out a complete review of intervention work, assess its effectiveness and esure it it fit for purpose and delivering. 
  • Priorities officers and staff have the right resources, tools and systems for the job,  ensuring a joint up approach to flagging children, young people and families at risk of becoming vulnerable to organised crime.
  • Work more diligently with health, education, social services, businesses, support agencies and the voluntary sector to identify young people at risk of becoming vulnerable.  
  • Establish a network and taskforce for care experienced children and young people
  • Run a high level awareness campaign to help communities identify signs of cuckooing 
  • Building resilience to tackle cyber crime and online grooming quickly and effectively
  • Collaborating with neighbouring forces to stop the movement of crime across county borders

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