I am absolutely delighted to be the Labour candidate for the constituency of Kettering. It truly is a privilege and an honour”.

My family and I have lived in the local area for 25 years and I have enjoyed many years living, working, studying and playing in the constituency. Like many of you, I am a very proud parent but also like many people the job of parent didn’t come without its challenges. Juggling bringing up a child with a full time career, navigating the education system, keeping her healthy, safe and free from harm whilst running a home on a tight budget are all life challengers I am all too familiar with.

I’m passionate about the Labour Party and our principles of social justice. It was under a Labour Government I had the opportunities to thrive, meet those challenges and build a secure future for my daughter. I strongly believe that everyone deserves those same opportunities and I’m prepared to fight so the people of the Constituency of Kettering have them.

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