Creating Positive Futures

Creating Positive futures is my ultimate goal for the Constituency of Kettering. In order to do that my four other pledges must be underpinned by investment in our young people, education and leisure.

To create positive futures as your MP I will:
  • Ensure youth services in the Kettering constituency are receiving the fund they need to provide the service that support and enable our young people to succeed.
  • Work in parliament and with KBC, all sports clubs, groups and associations to develop a plan to make the Kettering constituency a place of sporting success where we can celebrate our local, regional and national achievements as a community.
  • Work in parliament and with Northants’ County Council to ensure all our schools receive the funding they need and that there is fairness in the funding formula.
  • Ensure the Kettering constituency has sure start centres that are fully equipped and resourced to ensure every child in the constituency gets the best possible start in life.
It’s time to create positive futures so everyone has the opportunity to be the best version of them self
Vote for Real Change

Promoted by John Padwick, on behalf of Clare Pavitt, both at The Yards,12b Market Street, Kettering, NN16 0AH

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