Standing up for our local NHS staff

NHS staff make our NHS, they are the NHS. It’s time we show them how much we value and respect them.

This is why here, in the constituency of Kettering I have pledged to stand up for our local NHS staff by protecting the NHS from privatisation and investing in people.

Kettering General Hospital and health care services throughout the Kettering constituency are under extreme pressure. A lack of investment into our health, prevention and early intervention services are major contributing factor to this pressure.

To stand up for our local NHS staff as your MP I will:
  • Fight to ensure our local health services get the funding they need to both deliver high quality health care and invest in staff training and career opportunities.
  • Work with both local and national unions to understand the issues affecting the pay and conditions for all local NHS staff
  • Vote in Parliament to prevent further privatisation of health care services
  • Work with all agencies to ensure the right resources and funding are available to promote healthy living and provide early intervention services.
It’s time to create a positive future so all NHS staff get the recognition and opportunities they deserve.
Vote for Real Change

Promoted by John Padwick on behalf of Clare Pavitt both at The Kettering Labour Party, The Yards 12b Market Street, Kettering, NN16 0AH

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