Over the past few weeks many people have made contact to ask what my position on Brexit is.

Well, I have to say like most people I am completely exasperated, but I am very clear on where I stand and you have the right to know my exact position with complete openness and honesty.

I voted remain in the 2016 referendum and my personal position on that has not and will not changed.  This in no way means I don’t respect the result or hold value to the views of people who voted leave.

I am however, strongly opposed to a no deal Brexit.  Our relationship with Europe is so embedded that it is simply impossible to make the break without working out the issues first,  or as we all know it – getting a deal. The way I see it, from what we do know and the size of what we don’t know, the risks a no deal Brexit poses to people’s lives and our economy are too high. We should not be playing roulette with peoples futures. 

That being said, as we know, 61% of the Constituency of Kettering voted to leave and I have always believed it is wrong to undermine or ignore that.  However, I also believe we are in a very different place to where we were 3 years ago.  

Ideally a credible deal will be agreed and it will go back to the people in a vote to accept the deal or remain. 

I do not believe in revoking article 50 without a public mandate, this in my personal opinion undermines the result of 2016 and completely disregards the views of those who voted leave.

Conversely I do not believe in a no deal Brexit for the reasons I’ve already mentioned, I also don’t believe that everyone, who in all good faith voted leave, did so with the intention of it being without a deal or separation agreement.

In my opinion holding such a strong narrow line is to completely disregard the views, concerns and values of half the population of the Constituency.

I believe in freedom of choice and the right to make that choice without repercussions, I believe in earning the trust and respect of the whole community, so you have confidence that I understand and am listening to all concerns and views regardless of my own personal position.

I believe it is very dangerous to try and fashion a General Election into a proxy referendum when there are so many domestic issues and challenges to the social and economic well-being of the Constituency of Kettering.

Should Labour win a General Election and I’m elected as your Member of Parliament there will be a peoples vote. As your representative in Parliament it is not for me to take sides on the Brexit debate, it is for you to tell me how you want me to represent you on this.

You will have elected me based on a shared vision for the Constituency of Kettering. You will have elected me to rebuild pride and make our community fairer for everyone. You will have elected me in the knowledge that whatever the outcome of the Peoples Vote I will follow the mandate given by the people of the Constituency of Kettering.

Where do you stand on Brexit ?

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